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Kick off Meeting in Urumqi 27./28.06.2011

SuMaRiO has been now started in the P.R. China with a Kick off meeting in Urumqi with ca 70 scientist from China and Germany. Also special guests from USA were present. The president of the Universität der Bundeswehr Munich, Merith Niehuss and Prof. Markus Disse opened the meeting from the German side. Prof. Jiang Tong from National Climate Center, Beijing and Prof. Zhao Chengyi from Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, Urumqi opend the meeting from the chinese side. 

During the two days of the meeting different presentations to the entire SuMaRiO topics were held, and an intensive scientific exchange was maintained. At the end Prof. Karl Stahr from the University of Hohenheim could close the meeting with motivating words for the  with motivating words for the challenges lying before us.

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