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SuMaRiO Scenario-ESS-DSS Meeting, 09 July 2012, University Hohenheim

The SuMaRiO Scenario-ESS-DSS Meeting was carried out on 9 July 2012 at University Hohenheim. The objectives of the meeting were to introduce a common framework for operationalising ecosystem services (ESS) in land and water management in the Tarim River Basin, to develop a common socio-economic-ecological/climate-run-off scenario framework and to identify input-output models and ESS/non-ESS indicators that could be included in the SuMaRiO indicator-based DSS. Altogether 14 SuMaRiO members, representing each work block (WB), participated in the meeting. In general, the meeting provided a great opportunity for old and new SuMaRiO members to get to know each other as well as to get a better insight on individual projects. The outcomes of the meeting as well as the power point presentations can be found in SuMaRiO internal website.