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Sino-German SuMaRiO Implementation Conference

We would like to draw your attention to the upcoming SuMaRiO Implementation Conference at CAS Urumqi at the 23th and 24th of Spetember 2015. 

The conference will bring together scientists and stakeholders to discuss implementation strategies as outcome from four years of research work in the project. 

For further information please see the conference flyer

Our conference is supported by Volkswagen Group. 

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1st sino-German MEECAL Conference

Management of Ecosystems and Environmental Changes in Arid Lands in Central Asia


Currently the 1st Sino-German MEECAL conference take place in Urumqi. The conference started yesteday on the 22nd of September and will end with the 26th September 2014. Approximately 50 particiapnts from China and Germany discuss in an nice atmosphere the preliminary results of the SuMaRiO project. Further, many conference contirbutions come from neighboor projects and highlight special topics in arid areas of Central Asia.

The co-founder Dr. T. Fischer from the Volkswagen Group visit the conference and emphasise in his speak the importance of such conventions and he invites the organizers to establish this conference yearly in the Xinjiang region.  



International Green Talents Competition 2014

Announcement of the International Green Talents Competition 2014

We are pleased to inform that the German Federal Ministry of
Education and Research (BMBF) just published the sixth round of its
international *"Green Talents Competition”.* The annual award focuses on
outstanding young scientists active in the field of sustainable development.

You may find further information and details on our website
www.greentalents.de <http://www.greentalents.de/>, in the attached flyer
or by watching the short information film here

To stay up-to-date with this year’s call for applications as well as
news from the Green Talents Programme and other interesting German
initiatives you are also warmly welcome to follow us on LinkedIn
or Twitter <https://twitter.com/GreenTalents>


SuMaRiO at the „Tag der Hydrologie 2014“ in Eichstätt

The ‘Tag der Hydrologie’ (Day of Hydrology) is the most important conference on Hydrology in Germanspeaking countries. This year´s host was the Aueninstitut Neuburg and the KU Eichstaett-Ingolstadt under the leadership of Bernd Cyffka. The topic ’Water – Landscape – Human in Past, Present and Future‘ fitted to the research conducted in SuMaRiO. Accordingly the project was represented four times.

Tayierjiang Aishan (KUEI) presented a poster on the topic „Monitoring the Hydrological and Ecological Response of Degraded Floodplain Forest Ecosystems to the Rehabilitation Measures in the Lower Tarim River, Northwest China”. The poster was developed in collaboration with the Xinjiang University and CAS.

Christian Rumbaur, Patrick Keilholz (both TUM) and Martin Kuba (KUEI) shared almost one session in whole. While Christian Rumbaur gave a summary about the topic and the project in his presentation „SuMaRiO – Nachhaltiges Management von Flussoasen im Tarimbecken“, Patrick Keilholz and Martin Kuba presented results from their workpackages with the titles „Flächendifferenzierte Modellierung der Grundwasserneubildung natürlicher Auwälder und der Auswirkungen einer veränderten Landnutzung am Tarim Fluss in Nordwestchina“ and „Wasserabhängigkeit von Ökosystemen und Ökosystemdienstleistungen des Tarim River, NW China“

With more than 160 participants the ‘Tag der Hydrologie’ faced a high interest and the participating SuMaRiO members were able to present the project to research community.


Tag der Hydrologie

Impressions of the discussion at "Tag der Hydrologie" in Eichstätt.

4th COSMOS Workshop goes together with TERENO

We would like to draw your attention to the upcoming 4th COSMOS Workshop, a joint workshop of  the COSMOS Project and TERENO.
COSMOS is an emerging and promising technology for non-contact hourly moisture measurements by measuring low-energy cosmic-ray neutrons above ground, whose intensity is inversely correlated with soil water content and with water in any form above the ground level. The workshop will take place in Leipzig, Germany, on May 5-7, 2014.
The 4th COSMOS workshop will focus on:
-          progress and challenges of cosmic-ray neutron monitoring,
-          applications of the cosmic-ray probe to Earth Sciences and hydrology, including agriculture (e.g. monitoring irrigation), meteorology (e.g. weather forecasting), civil engineering (e.g. slope stability), and many other fields.
-          the strategic development of global COSMOS network.
The main goal of the workshop is to gather scientists who are interested in the cosmic-ray method and its application, as well as representatives from international and national environmental research networks.
On our website: www.ufz.de/cosmos/  , you will find a form to register and to submit proposals for workshop presentations. Please note that the web page will be updated frequently. At this site you will also find support for accommodation arrangements.
Details on the COSMOS Project and TERENO can be found at the project homepages: http://cosmos.hwr.arizona.edu and www.tereno.net.

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